Inviting Tight Asshole by Jiggly Girls’ REIQ


Take a look at the full size and wet version over at Jiggly Girls

It’s not always easy to find great, original hentai these days as a slew of lazy artists and fans simply reproduce old work and old ideas.  At Jiggly Girls, though, it’s great to see that the artist REIQ is still pumping out ever more exciting images with great regularity.  This particular image is surprisingly clean for REIQ’s work (though you can, of course, get a ‘wet’ version at the site that’s just dripping in cum).  We love the clean lines and simple idea behind the image.  While a lot of this kind of art can look at little too ‘busy’ this one is simple and to the point.

The focus of the image is very much on the tight, puckered asshole at the center, pulled gently open and begging for a long, hard cock.  Our girl’s wide eyes and open mouth are asking for it, and in a few moments she’ll be stretched wide as that thick black cock buries itself in her ass.

The beauty in this image comes in the details.  Look at the wide eyes and wet, shiny skin.  Look at the way her finger nails bury themselves in her round, ample ass as she exposes high tight, pink asshole.  Everything about the image is just perfect, and it’s exactly the kind of thing we love to see over at Jiggly Girls.  Love it.